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  • Chad Lauer

Client Testimonial

From Melissa S....

A Mother and Maternity Nurse

"After having 2 spontaneous vaginal deliveries and reaching the age of 45, I started experiencing mild uterine prolapse, bladder incontinence, and abnormal bowel symptoms. I tried pelvic physio to help improve my pelvic floor but unfortunately it didn’t work and my symptoms continued to get worse. I came to see Dr Bleszysnki for a consultation and she patiently explained on what is going on with my pelvic floor after performing a careful physical examination.

She presented treatment options that can help correct my condition, with the consideration of what is important to me and what would give me with the best result. She encouraged me to do my own research and suggested to access credible sources. After doing my own research I decided to go ahead with the treatment plan she offered me which is a combination of 6 Vtone and 3 Morpheus treatment. So far I have had 3 Vtone and 2 Morpheus treatments and I can honestly affirm that my bladder, bowel symptoms, and sexual health have improved dramatically . I am very happy and extremely satisfied with the result so far and I am very excited to see the final result once I have completed all my treatments. I highly encourage women who have the same symptoms as myself to seek help, book a consultation, consider your treatment options to prevent further weakening of the pelvic floor and to avoid future surgery."


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